Popovitch I. S. Phenomenology of social expectations of individual

An attempt was made to implement a phenomenological method of research on social expectations of the individual. There were shown the width and depth of the problem, the philosophical aspectof the phenomenology of social expectations was also engaged. The author explained the essence of childhood expectations and compared them with adult’s expectations. It is emphasized that in childhood when the expectations are not substantive but clear and when they are in their infancy and primary condition, it is necessary to pay special attention to the psychology of forming the expectations. The assumption is made that the sensitive period of development of social expectations of personality is elementary school age. The notion of “homo expectation” is offered meaning “a man who expects”. Through expectations the “Homo expectation” creates its being, its subjective world, its future. All that a person awaits becomes his/her prophecy that can be realized. The conclusion is made that the intentional object of social expectations should be considered from the perspective of objectivity – as it is in the mind of any person.

   Key words:phenomenology, phenomenological method, social expectations, intentions, “homo expectation”.


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