Krasnyakova A. O. Political subjectivity: the conditions of formation and indications of development

Political subjectivity is regarded as the ability of an individual for conscious and responsiblepolitical participation in order to have an influence on social and political processes.A structural model of developing political subjectivity of an individual is presented. It has been found that effective political socialization is a prerequisite of the political subjectivityformation, and its result is the political competence of an individual.Political competence, civicresponsibility, social motivation are considered to be subjective conditions for formation and development of the political subjectivity. It is emphasised that conscious and responsible political participation of an individual is only possible if one has a developed civic responsibility (for one self, for others, for the country) and understanding ofone’s effectiveness in influencing social and political processes. Subiective qualities which contribute to formation and development of the political subjectivity are outlined. They are inter alia reflexive ability of an individual to analyse the determinants of political behavior, his or her readiness for self-development and self-improvement. Viability is defined as a potential resource for formation and development of a subject in thepolitically unstable society.

Keywords: political subjectivity, political actor, political competence, civicresponsibility, viability, political participation.


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