Lukashevych O. M. Study of civil development of adult personality in the context of modern psychological theories

The author analyzes the modern psychological scientific approaches in relation to research of civil development of personality in adult age. Attention is driven to non-existence of theoretical concepts that expose the essence of this phenomenon. This refers to such methodological constructs that could help to represent adequately at a conceptual level the idea of civil development of the grown man. According to the subject and object of our study, the search was focused at integration of scientific approaches: in relation to the defining role of the personality development in adult age, developing the value-semantic sphere as a condition of the civil development, enrichment of resource potential of adult personality as prospects of his/her civil self-realization. Integrative concept of civil development of adult personality is proposed. As structural elements it includes personality-integrative, personality-value and resource scientific approaches.

Key words: civil development, adult personality, civil values, civil consciousness, resource potential of personality.


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