Sknar O. M. Experience of creating a tool for political interaction practices research

The research method for investigating political practices as a factor of structuring youth political world outlook is based on the combination of social and political discourse analysis (content analysis), psycho semantic and projective techniques. The logic of constructing the practices research instrument envisaged in the first place identification of a “set” of political and civic practices represented in the society political discourse (content analysis). The discourse analysis made it possible to determine the themes which are the most productive for the political practices research (interaction foundations, influence methods, communication organization, and law obedience) as well as the narrative “propositions”, i. e. statements that reveal the semantic context of the political interaction discourse within each of the themes. The identified themes and propositions were used as the basis for developing a psycho-semantic questionnaire, which is also built on the idea about two basic models of political behavior (problem “avoidance” and “solution”) and their typical characteristics. Expediency of applying projective techniques and experimental psycho-semantics resources for actualizing of the unconscious in the political consciousness of young people is shown. Such research approach also allows exploring the meanings and values that structure youth political world outlook and identify the characteristics of practices represented in the interaction discourse of the political socialization subjects.

Key words: youth, political socialization, political world outlook, interaction, political practices, empirical research, tools.


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