Sushyi O. V. Between philosophy of creation and art of destruction

The challenges and opportunities of the digital age have exposed their real threat in relations between Ukraine and Russia. The key component of a hybrid war in Ukraine has becomeinformation and psychological war, which finally destroyed the multi-year rhetoric and image of the two fraternal nations – Ukrainians and Russians.The article touched upon the problem of the current interethnic and intergovernmental relations between Ukraine and Russia, analyzes perception of Ukrainians and Russians of the current social and political situation in Ukraine. Indicated the role of information propaganda, which formed diametrically opposite assessment of the events in Ukraine through a fetishization of social and cultural differences of regions of Ukraine. Determined to perspectives optimize of interethnic relations and activization of process of reintegration and consolidation of regions of Ukraine.

Keywords: hybrid war, information politics, propaganda, situation in Ukraine.


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