Тraverse Т. М. Regulative-personal component of political tasks comprehension by actors

Thearticlepresentsfindings ofthe experimentalresearchofthe regulative-personal aspect of political thinking at the stage of comprehending a task of a political character. Peculiaritiesofobjectivity, conceptuality, practicality and creativity of political thinking preconditioned the development of the experimental part of the research. It was carried out in different groups of respondents among who were deputies of different regional councils of Ukraine and students of the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University. The respondents solved a number of tasks of the political character. Four tasks were chosen out of them. They related to political situation analysis, forecasting, decision making and management. Thefollowingtacticswereidentified inthecourse of the research: authoritarian, manipulative, humanistic; orientationatmeanings, orientation at senses, correlation between orientation at meanings and orientation at senses. Regulative-personalcomponentofactor’sself-regulationandactivityintheprocessofcomprehension ofa politicaltaskispreconditionedbyhis or her value-motivationalsphere, individual features of the thinking process and the specific character of the task to be solved. An interestanda positiveattitudetonewpoliticaltasks, orientationat finding an independentsolution, dominationofpersonalmeanings of political thinking, cognitive-procedural motivationconstitutequalitative characteristics of actor’s intellectual self-discipline.

      Keywordstacticsofpoliticalthinking, values, valueorientations, cognitive-procedural motivation, personal meaningsof thinking activity.


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